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Death from Above

Wow, what a day.  A very close friend of mine did something EXCPETIONALLY supid.  To protect the guity, I'm afraid I'm not gonna say who it was or what they did  (disappointing, I know - LJ is supposed to be about dishing the dirt).  Suffice to say it was a level of stupidity that can only be described as epic.  Fortunately, my friend seems to have come through the episode unscathed.  They certainly did worry me though :(

Another somewhat less dramatic event started when I heard a *clonk* sound - I looked up out of the window and saw a largeish brown bird flapping away.  On going out to investigate, I found a rather dazed looking collared dove that had obviously flown into one of the windows.  It scuttled away behind a large flower pot as I approached but it didn't look badly injured so I decided the best thing would be to leave it alone.  Ten minutes later I went back to see how it was getting on.  There was again a commotion of flapping from behind the flower pot - but this time as a kestrel (?) carried the dove off in its claws!  The dove must have been trying to avoid the kestrel when it flew into the window.  I think it was dead as the kestrel carried it off into the neighbour's garden.  If it wasn't, it certainly is now - all that remains is a large circle of feathers.
Tags: stupidity

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