MrZebra (zebrataur) wrote,

New Fursuit Tail

I made myself a new fursuit tail!
It's basically the same as the old one, except I removed the curve from the top because that made it stick out too far. The big difference is that this one is sewn together whereas the first one I made had the fur glued onto a foam core.
I didn't really think I'd be able to sew it, but I did, so I am quite pleased that it was successful. I tried to strengthen the construction by adding an inner lining of material, and a strip of webbing that runs the entire length of the tail and forms the belt loop - hopefully this will keep it in one piece if some ill-behaved child pulls on it.
Tags: fursuit

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if some ill-behaved child pulls on it

Aren't all children ill-behaved?
I had one particular wretch in mind... the terror from the Maker Faire, along with her demonic little sister. I think you were off doing your own thing at the time, but I'm sure Lindz will remember returning to the Raffe to find me wide-eyed and shell-shocked from the assault.

Children... nasty sticky little things. Keep them in a cage.
Maker Faire is SRS BZNS. Children shouldn't be allowed.

The good news is that I made one kid totally delaminate this year.
Nice tail :D