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Zebra Herd Meeting 2013

Our little UK zebra herd had its second meeting this week as Squally, Chiron, and Chiron's bf Wuffle (non-zebra!) came to visit me.

They all arrived on the same train at Bangor station, and I just managed to squeeze them and their luggage into my little car.  It was about 6pm, so after unloading our gear we went out for a Chinese takeaway.  We got a portion of inoffensive noodles for Squally to try, but unfortunately he's a very picky eater and wouldn't eat it - only a portion of chips.  The evening was still young when we finished, so I suggested a ride to the beach.  We drove over to Traeth Bychan and clambered around on the rocks until it got dark.  Chiron is the science zebra, and very interested in geology and biology.  We located some interesting rocks, including some very large chunks of fossilized coral.

We began Tuesday with a tour of the south-east corner of the island.  We started with Din Lligwy: an old abandoned chapel with a solid stone font and small crypt, some roman remains, and a very impressive 5,000 year old burial chamber.  We thoroughly poked and prodded around all of these sites, then followed the coast south, past the iron age hill fort King Arthur's Seat (we didn't stop because there isn't much to see there) and on to Penmon.  There is a ruined priory there, but for me the main attraction is the medieval dovecote - a magnificent stone structure with hundreds of nesting holes for birds.  It's also the site of the holy St. Seriol's well.

It was coming up to lunchtime, so we continued around the coast to Beaumaris in the hopes of finding a sandwich.  We investigated the castle, although didn't pay to enter, and had a walk along the main street and the promenade before acquiring some sandwiches (chicken tikka!) and sitting on the sea wall to eat.  Even there we found a point of interest - the stone on which I sat contained a large fossilized coral.

After eating we backtracked along the coast to Caim, a tiny town and not the easiest place to find.  We had a walk across the fields and along the rocky shoreline, although it was steep and difficult to access.  The field was full of bright red cinnabar moths.

We then drove onward to Bryn Celli Ddu, an impressive prehistoric burial mound, then continued on for a quick stop at Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch (I can pronounce it, but I can't spell it yet...) to have our photos taken in front of the sign.

We headed for home, making a stop at the supermarket to pick up some supplies - Chiron and Wuffle cooked four different curries for our enjoyment!  Tarka dahl, bombay aloo, a chicken pasander, and a beef jalfrezi.  They were delicious, but unfortunately just the smell of them made Squally feel ill, so we had to throw in some chips for him.

With the day almost over, we headed back outside and lit a small bonfire.  We burnt some leylandii that I'd trimmed the previous week, and kept it fed until about 1am (even cutting down some gorse just to keep the fire going).  The sky was clear and many stars were visible due to the reduced light pollution out here - we even spotted a shooting star or two.

On Wednesday we made for the north-west of the island - the South Stack lighthouse and nature reserve.  We looked at the impressive folded geology, the variety of plant and bird life, and also the large group of iron age hut circles.  We had a picnic lunch overlooking the sea, and then headed towards the abandoned copper mine at Parys Mountain.  Once the primary copper exporter of the world, the "mountain" is now a barren pit of broken rocks.  It is well worth a visit - the colours are striking due to the amount of iron in the rocks, and we spent a long time smashing open rocks to see what we could find inside.  They are rich with metals, tiny cubes of silver and gold.  The site itself is great for pronking, and I spent a lot of time just bouncing between rocks.

In the evening, Chiron and Wuffle made Chinese food - sweet and sour, my favourite.  After that we got an old microwave oven and microwaved whatever we could find until the microwave finally blew up.  We nuked one of the rocks we'd collected and actually managed to set it on fire!  The inside of the rock glowed red and small blue flames burnt on the surface, even after taking it out of the microwave.  We also microwaved a dead sparrow, which reeked.  Don't do that.

Thursday was our last full day, and we made for Snowdonia.  The plan was to walk from Llyn Ogwen to the Devil's Kitchen. Unfortunately the route proved too much for my companions (it turns out that Wuffle is not very confident at altitude), however the route I'd chosen took this eventuality into account, so it wasn't an inconvenience - we just skipped that part and carried on around the lake.  Again, I did a lot of pronking on the rocks while the others were walking.

Our last activity was a fursuit outing, for which we returned to Beaumaris.  We only spent about 30 minutes, but it was a nice outing nonetheless.  It was Chiron's first outing, and his self-made suit looked great!  The reactions from the public could have been a little better though.

On Friday morning it was sadly time for all to depart - herd meeting over.  I hope they will come back soon!
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