MrZebra (zebrataur) wrote,

Fursuiting Time

I went fursuiting on Sunday along with Haku, WhiteShadowFox and SparkWolf.  We had an early start and drove an hour and a half to somewhere near Amsterdam to attend a small comic convention.  The venue was rather strange, it seemed to be some kind of repurposed industrial estate, with large warehouses in various states of disrepair now filled with markets.

The convention itself was not especially busy, however there were a lot of people on the 'street' outside (still a gated part of complex), so we stood there and handed out flyers.  The reactions were very good, containing the standard mix of befuddled babies, crying children, screaming girls, and people wanting photos.

I suited for about 3 hours straight, much of the time spent on my own because the others wanted to rest.  SparkWolf has a huge fursuit, padded over the entire body to turn his small self into a huge teddy-bear of a dog - it must be exceptionally hot.

After lunch Haku started to feel very unwell so I didn't do any more suiting.  She was very cold and had a headache and dizziness, so I looked after her while the others suited for another 30 minutes or so.  She had a bad stomach as well, so I'm not sure if her ill feeling was due to that or due to the concussion that she suffered earlier in the week.

Currently she is at the doctor's, hopefully everything will be okay and she'll start to feel better soon. 
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