November 25th, 2013



I'm feeling a bit stupid at the moment - yesterday I had my first mains electric shock (230 Volts over here).
I was installing a new light fitting and I was in a rush because I had to go out.  Yep, rushing isn't clever.  I normally turn off both the lighting the sockets, and I normally test the terminals with a screwdriver before touching, but because I was in a hurry I skipped these.  I started splicing into the junction box... neutral ok, earth ok, live - ouch!  It was a junction box for the sockets, not the lights - I'd misidentified it.  Stupid zebra.

That said, it didn't hurt as much as I expected, and I didn't fall off the ladder.   I didn't even swear, although I did let out an "aargh!"  :P