October 19th, 2013


Manchester Furmeet

I went to my first Manchester Furmeet at the weekend, along with Chris Horsie and Taisenki.  It was good fun!

We took the train to Manchester and arrived just before noon, easily spotting a group of about 20 furries gathered in the station.  We made some brief introductions and headed to the bar that was the base for the meet.  I think there were around 50 attendees in total - more than I expected.  I put my fursuit on and wandered for a bit, then we met Stuart Otterson, the meet organizer.  He was surprised that none of us had ever been to Manchester before, so he kindly offered to give us a tour.  The four of us had a good wander around many of the shops in the city centre (me still in fursuit of course).  We even met a couple of bronies on the street - one wearing a Rainbow Dash cutie mark patch on his shirt and one wearing a Rarity cap.  I was wearing my Fluttershy t-shirt!

We finished the tour of the city just in time for the beginning of the fursuit walk, so I was straight back out on another walk around town!  All in all I guess I spent about 3 hours fursuiting around the city, which was lots of fun.  The only downside was that due to being in fursuit all the time, I didn't really talk to anyone while I was there.  There's another meet at the end of next month, I haven't decided if I'll go there yet, we'll see!