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The American Saddlebred

I was idly flicking through my encyclopaedia of horses this morning, when I came across the American Saddlebred.  A fine looking horse, I thought, with his tail held up in the air like that - then I read the article...  The horse does not naturally hold his tail high - the muscles at the base of the tail are cut and then forced to regrow in a deformed manner (although this is banned in some states).  Between shows, he must wear a brace to hold the tail high.  Finally... I shit you not... before a show, they shove a piece of ginger up the horse's arse, and the irritation makes him hold his tail up.  W. T. F.?   Who thought of this?  Who else thought it was a good idea?  "What are you doing there?"  "I'm shoving ginger up my horses arse."  "You are?  What a splendid idea!  I'll go and do the same to mine."  And on top of the obvious discomfort, the poor horse is then expected to perform a show while enduring this ordeal.

Yet again, I am saddened and disappointed by what we as humans do to the animals around us - especially those that are supposedly in our care.
Tags: cruelty, horses, stupidity

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